There are more museums in Denver than you’re going to have time to visit during one stay. That just means you’re going to have to come back for more. The Mile High City is full of history and interesting things to do. When it’s time for an educational and entertaining experience, visit one of these top 5 museums in the capital city of Denver, Colorado.

The National Ballpark Museum is located at 1940 Blake Street, and it is home to quite a lot of baseball history and memorabilia. What’s more is it is right down the street from Coors Field, and that means you can easily catch a Rockies game to boot if baseball is in season. The specialty museum is packed with history and is truly a gem. Who knows what you’re going to find when you stop by The National Ballpark Museum.

The Forney Museum of Transportation is also a gem of a place to visit, and you will find it at 4303 Brighton Boulevard. You’re going to find more than you can imagine there, including a helicopter and a big boy locomotive. You can certainly expect to see your fair share of vintage cars, too. Have you ever seen an amphibious car? The Forney Museum of Transportation is truly a treat.

There is a great air and space museum called Wings Over The Rockies. You will find this specialty museum at 7711 East Academy Boulevard. There is a flight simulator there that you know the kids will enjoy. The impressive collection of artifacts at this museum dive into space exploration and military aircraft, too. You can expect to spend about two hours there browsing everything the museum has to offer. You’re also going to learn quite a lot about the history of aviation while you’re there.

Black American West Museum is located at 3091 California Street, and it is a house museum with quite a few artifacts. It is the former home of the first African American female doctor in the capital city of Denver, Colorado. The museum is housed in a very intimate space, and the artifacts and exhibits tell the stories of the people that once lived there. It’s a very interesting niche museum to explore.

Denver Firefighters Museum is also a great stop to make. This museum is located at 1326 Tremont Street. You’re going to see firefighting equipment from decades ago, and uniforms, too. The artifacts tell a story about the history of how these brave men and women have handled their firefighting duties. Denver Firefighters Museum is a fascinating place to visit, and you might want to be sure it’s on your list of things to do.

You might be able to make it by all five of these specialty museums during your stay in The Mile High City. There are plenty more museums to check out, however, so be sure to continue exploring the great city of Denver, Colorado. You might be planning a few family vacations in the capital city so that you and yours get to see it all.

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