Mountain Crust Catering not only serves up the best wood-fired pizza in the state of Colorado, but they also do it buffet style. This buffet-style catering service covers all the bases. They offer a variety of pizza toppings and styles, entrees, appetizers, drinks, and more. These unique catering services in Denver are the whole package, and they specialize in catering those important events in life by making them that much more special

How They Do it

For many events, clients are usually concerned that there will be a long wait time between seating their guests, ordering food and the food being served. During a special event, the last thing a client should have to worry about is excellent customer service and whether or not their hungry guests are being fed quickly. This is where MCP shines. Their unique buffet-style setup is specifically designed to ensure all guests are fed quickly, while enjoying fresh food that’s served hot.

Mountain Crust Pizza is a full-service catering company. While they deliver their food in style, using one of their custom classic catering trucks, they are not a food truck service. Instead, hiring this catering company, you’ll get the total package including food servers, dessert service, and bartenders.

The team will arrive one to two hours before the special event in order to set up their gear including glassware, buffet tables, and firing up the ovens. Basically, the well-organized staff are prepared and ready to go as soon as the party starts.

Their buffet-style setup includes food that’s fresh and hot, right out of the oven, which goes straight to their buffet tables. A staff member will be on hand to guide guests to the beginning of a buffet line and walk them through how to serve up the pizza and other food available.

Their wood-fired pizza comes out quickly. In fact, the owner claims they can serve up to one hundred pizzas in as little an hour and can feed up to one hundred guests every twenty minutes.

Special Diet Options, Your Catering Service in Denver!

Clients that follow a special diet can have a difficult time finding a catering company that can provide special dishes and options, but not at MCP.

Vegans, vegetarians and those following a gluten-free diet love pizza too. Clients who have a special diet can meet with the staff at MCP and discuss their dietary needs and the staff will do the rest. This can include gluten-free crust, non-dairy cheese, and other vegan options

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If you’re looking for a catering company that really will go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, then your search is over.

Offering a buffet-style pizza catering service that includes professional friendly serving staff, pizza-making experts, and bartenders, the Mountain Crust Pizza crew will make your party or reception an event to remember. Their unique setup is perfect for gatherings of all sizes and works well to quickly and efficiently serve all of your guests.