It’s no secret that Mountain Crust Catering makes some of the best pizza in Denver, Colorado. However, not many people realize that the way their pizza is prepared is unlike what they’ll get from most competing pizza companies. Their extensive menu of wood-fired pizza is truly unlike anything the competition is offering, which is why MCP is continuing to dominate the market.

What is Wood-Fired Pizza: Cooking Pizza Mountain Crust Catering Style

Mountain Crust Pizza is a popular catering service in Denver, Colorado. They’re known for their out of this world pizza, but people often can’t pinpoint exactly why their pizza tastes so much better than competing pizza companies. The key is in the way these pies are prepared, using massive wood-fired ovens.

So, what is wood-fired pizza? What’s the big deal? A pizza that’s wood-fired means that it has been prepared in a wood-fired oven. MCP uses modernized vintage catering trucks that are equipped with massive wood-fired ovens. These ovens are what allows the team to whip up pizza that tastes pretty amazing, in a matter of a few minutes. But what makes wood-fired pizza healthier than traditional pizza?

Why Wood-Fired Pizza is Healthier than Slow Oven Baked Pizza

These ovens will cook toppings and cheeses very quickly, allowing the food to retain its freshness, instead of drying out, which is what often happens in slower cooking ovens. Additionally, the toppings are able to remain nicely textured. The cheese will be bubbling and melted, while the crust features a crispy bottom and chewy top.

Foodies will appreciate this type of authentic cooking experience that only MCP offers. Using this cooking method, customers will enjoy a rich flavor and pizza that’s nutrient-loaded, thanks to the faster cooking process. The longer food cooks, the more nutrients are cooked out of it. With the ultra-fast cooking process that wood-fired pizza delivers, customers who make healthier food choices in terms of veggie-loaded pizzas can enjoy the many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants their toppings possess, since the veggies are cooked within a matter of minutes. Who said pizza can’t be healthy?

A Greener Way to Make Pizza

Many people also aren’t aware that wood-fired pizza ovens offer a greener way to make pizza. These ovens don’t require any gas or electricity to operate, since the sole energy source is heated from the fire.

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Mountain Crust Pizza is one of the leading catering companies in Denver, Colorado. They’re known for their unique catering style, wood-fired pizza, and classic trucks turned into mobile pizza making machines. There’s no doubt that their wood-fired pizza is the best in town, if not the state.

People who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional slow oven-baked pizza will fall in love with wood-fired pizza by Mountain Crust Pizza. Their powerful ovens not only help the veggies on pizzas to retain important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but the pizza itself features the type of rich texture and flavor that other pizza companies just can’t compete with. You can contact MCP to schedule a consultation to learn more about their pricing and availability by visiting their website or contacting them directly by phone.