There are dozens of parks in Denver, and each of them are much more than just a nice green space to relax with your family. Furthermore, while The Mile High City is huge and known for its big city destinations, there are still plenty of expansive places to enjoy nature. Here are five of the best parks to visit in Denver CO.

Washington Park is one place that certainly deserves a mention. You will find it at the corner of Louisiana Avenue and South Downing Street. There is a great playground and rec center there, and you will also find a small lake and plenty of walking trails. It’s a nice place for a picnic and to enjoy people watching. The flower garden is gorgeous, and there are geese and other wildlife as well.

Sloan’s Lake Park is located at 1700 North Sheridan Boulevard. The beautiful lake and view are enough of a reason alone to stop by this park. The geese also inhabit this natural habitat, just like with Washington Park. Check out Wheat Ridge, go boating, take some pictures, have a family picnic and much more. Sloan’s Lake Park is a great place to explore and relax with the family.

Genessee Park is located off of Exit 254 on I-70. You’re going to get a good glimpse of the local bison population, and what’s more, is you aren’t far away from downtown when you’re at Genesee Park. That’s quite the combination, right? The buffalo live minutes from Downtown Denver. There’s lots of other wildlife there, too, and you are definitely going to want to check out Lookout Mountain.

Four Mile Historic Park is a different type of place to visit, and it is truly a gem. Located at 715 South Forest Street, Four Mile Historic Park is also close to Downtown Denver. This 12-acre park features some of the oldest structures in The Mile High City, and they are definitely of historical significance. There are some great pioneer exhibits there, too. Transport yourself back in time, and enjoy your visit to the banks of beautiful Cherry Creek.

Bear Creek Park is located at 4901 West Kenyon Avenue. This park is a great spot for enjoying a walk in nature and seeing a different side of Denver CO. Most of what people see in Denver when on vacation is going to be tied to big city life. There’s a lot of entertaining attractions, but don’t miss out on some family time at some of the best parks in the capital city.

Bear Creek Park, Four Mile Historic Park, Genessee Park, Sloan’s Lake Park, and Washington Park are some of the best in Denver. Even if you just make it by one of them, you’re going to be able to relax in between stops amid all the hustle and bustle. Remember that some of the best parks aren’t even far from the downtown area. A hop, skip and a jump away from Downtown Denver, and you will be gazing upon a herd of buffalo.

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