About Us

Mountain Crust started in 2016 when Ryan & Kendall built Ole Blue as seniors in college. They have been catering parties around Denver and all over Colorado ever since. The Mountain Crust motto has always been “You bring the People, We bring the Party” and that’s why we have grown so fast. Word has gotten out that our team likes to have a good time!  The Mountain Crust Event Venue is our dream come true– It is a place where we can host events and provide everything you need for an epic party. Serving up amazing food & drinks in a super cozy neighborhood event venue. You don’t need to worry about a thing! Just bring your people. We’ll bring the party. 

What We Provide

Mountain Crust Event Venue is a one stop shop. All you have to do is get your people there and we have everything else you need for a great party. 

We have 2 bars– A roof-top bar with amazing mountain views and an awesome smaller bar in our gorgeous backyard. We have our own liquor license, so you have to purchase alcohol from us. Ole Blue (our original truck) has fully retired in our backyard and is always ready to cook up a feast for your party. Other things we provide at our venue are tables and chairs, outdoor furniture, a full sound system, projector & TV’s and of course good vibes!

We’re also green freaks- All serving ware we use is real, no paper or plastic crap! We recycle and compost at every Mountain Crust event as we strive to make our planet a better place, one slice at a time. The event industry is insanely wasteful, we’re here to change that! 

Mountain Crust is perfect for any special occassion!

Who We Are:

Michael Scott of The Pizza World

King of Food & Fashion

The V.I.P.P (Very Important Pizza Person)

Mr. Laid Back

The Monarch of Dance Floor Pizza

Flavor Flave

The Operator (He’s always dialed in)

Captain of Kindness

Mr. Everythang

The Pizza Pirate

The Question Master


Ryan McLean - Owner/Founder (he/him)

Ryan has always been the life of the party! He was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, where his true passion for throwing pizza parties really kicked off. He brought his electric energy & party pants to Denver in 2012 when he attended University of Denver. By the time his junior year rolled around, he was already making plans for how to make Mountain Crust a dream come true. All these years later, he’s still livin’ the pizza dream and leading our team with the same electric energy!

Favorite Party Song: Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown

Favorite Pizza: Every. Single. Slice. Ever.

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Kendall Flores - Head Chef

Kendall (Dolly) Flores - Co-Founder/Head Chef (he/him)

Kendall is a true artist, choosing food as his medium! He is creative in every way, especially when it comes to choosing his outfits for the day. He’s not only passionate about serving people the best dishes, but making each dish with as many local ingredients as possible. After 15 years of experience in the restaurant world, Mountain Crust is lucky to have him leading the charge in our kitchen and on our team.

Favorite Party Song: Funky Town by Lipps Inc.

Favorite Pizza: Cheese, but make it extra cheesy (big cheese guy!)

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Nicole (Nico) Vanderburg (she/her)

Nico has been with Mountain Crust for 7 years. Starting out as an intern while studying at the University of Denver, she quickly rose the ranks as one of our most passionate & dedicated team members! Even though she despises bacon (wtf!), we always appreciate Nico’s enthusiasm for all things cheese and all things pizza! As we embark on a new journey with our own venue, Mountain Crust Event Venue, we’re very lucky to have Nico as our venue manager.

Favorite Party Song: Listen to the Music by The Doobie Brothers

Favorite Pizza: Honey Cheese, because sweet & salty!

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Ethan Alter (he/him)

Another DU intern converted to full timer! Ethan started out his MC journey in 2019 and has been an integral part of our pizza fam ever since. We know we can always count on Ethan to throw an epic pizza party! From booking events to finalizing details with all of our clients, he’s on top of it all. If you’re lucky enough to have Ethan at your event just know that you can expect top of the line service and a night to remember!

Favorite Party Song: Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Favorite Pizza: Italian Stallion *chef’s kiss*

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Kath Avedon (she/her)

Kath joined the MC team in 2019 when we plucked her from the monotony of the corporate world. Taking her unofficial title as “Pizza Party Aficionado” very seriously, you can always expect to find Kath out on the dance floor or running around double fisting pizzas at your event! Other than partying it up with our clients, Kath is either working behind the scenes at MC HQ or obsessing over her puppy Kevin.

Favorite Party Song: I’m Your Boogie Man by KC & The Sunshine Band

Favorite Pizza: Squash & Sausage = Squasage!

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Tanner Kohn (he/him)

Tanner has been on the MC team since 2021 and we can’t imagine throwing pizza parties without him! Hailing all the way from the coast of South Carolina, our favorite Southern guy brings his love of cooking straight into our kitchen and into our hearts. His MC debut is one to remember too – he shucked 500 oysters on his first day of work! We knew from that moment on that Tanner was going to make an epic addition to our family.

Favorite Party Song: Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey

Favorite Pizza: 1 Slice of Mushroom Mountain on top of 1 Slice of BBQ Chicken – a combination of sorts ha!

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Noe Rodriguez (he/him)

Noe joined the MC team in 2020 and showed us what speed really means! He’s the fastest chef we’ve ever had in our kitchen. He’s a true magician when it comes to prepping all of our tasty food! You can always count on Noe to bring good vibes to the kitchen and to events. When he’s not chefin’ it up at work, he’s always making something new & tasty for late night munchies at home too!

Favorite Party Song: Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Favorite Pizza: Italian Stallion (a true staff fave!)

Check out our Mountain Crust Playlist on Spotify: Listen Here

Sarah Golden (she/her)

Sarah Golden is just that – our Golden Gal! She joined our team in 2020 and our lives have been brighter ever since. Sarah is an essential part of our kitchen team; she brings all the smiles and tons of experience to our kitchen. When she’s not prepping in the kitchen, you can find her making incredible charcuterie boards at events – she’s the best charcuterie artist we’ve got!

Favorite Party Song: Too Hot To Stop by The Bar-Kays

Favorite Pizza: Seasonal Squash on White Sauce – YUM!

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Max (Maxy) Denny (he/him)

Maxy quickly became a pizza party master in 2021 when he joined our family. He grew up with Nico in Oklahoma – finding out we were hiring on Nico’s Instagram! It was fate that he was ready to leave Oklahoma and make Denver his new home to throw pizza parties with us. He’s our go-to guy for just about anything – driving the trucks, working the oven, gettin’ down on the dance floor. You name it, Maxy’s on it!

Favorite Party Song: Bust A Move by Young MC

Favorite Pizza: That Sweet Heat – Pepperoni, Pineapple & Jalapeno!

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Kai Taerson (ze/zim or he/him)

Kai is our most recent addition to the fam, joining MC in 2022. We barely remember what this pizza life was like before Kai. He brings his bright smile and good vibes everywhere he goes – whether he’s traveling around in his van, making amazing art, or slicin’ up that hot zaa! You can find him buzzing around at events making sure things go smoothly, bringing out everyone’s smiles, and just being Kai!

Favorite Party Song: I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince

Favorite Pizza: Bacon & Butternut Squash makin’ love on top of Pesto (sizzlin’ hot!)

Check out our Mountain Crust Playlist on Spotify: Listen Here

Disser Wallace (he/him)

Disser is yet another one of our University of Denver recruits! Starting out as an intern through the hospitality school, we were lucky enough to have Disser join our team full time as soon as he graduated in 2023. We’re pretty sure he loves Mountain Crust as much as he loves video games, but the jury is still out on which passion is the real winner! Disser does a bit of everything at MC – one thing you can always count on from Diss is his incredible friendly and fun-loving attitude at our events!

Favorite Party Song: Brick House by Commodores

Favorite Pizza: Spicy Hawaiian #SweetHeat!

Check out our Mountain Crust Playlist on Spotify: Listen Here